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Food Professing Machine

Okazawa BL767 Commerical Blender 1.5kw

RM 280.00View DetailsAdd to Cart   

Golden Bull HS-20 Spiral Mixer 21litre

Golden Bull B7-A Universal Mixer 7litre (Single Bowl)

Golden Bull B10-A Universal Mixer 10litre

RM 2,080.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 930.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 1,250.00View DetailsAdd to Cart 

Okazawa BF4 Burger Forming Machine 100mm

RM 630.00View DetailsAdd to Cart   

Golden Bull #55 Fowl Feather Removal

RM 999.00View DetailsAdd to Cart   

Golden Bull WGC-750 Gas Charbroiler

Golden Bull WGB-110 Gas Charbroiler

Golden Bull TGH-21.R Gas Griddle

Golden Bull TGH-21 Electric Griddle

RM 779.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 779.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 3,420.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 2,570.00View DetailsAdd to Cart

Orimas SL108 Ice Crursher Machine 300w

Okazawa YJ-2003 Ice Shaver Machine

Golden Bull SB-6 Ice Crusher Machine

VIBROFOOD BBJ-G Ice Shaving Machine

RM 180.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 800.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 260.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 820.00View DetailsAdd to Cart

ORIMAS Semi-Auto Meat Slicer 300mm 12"

Golden Bull TZ-5 Golden Bull Robot Cutter

Golden Bull J300 Golden Bull Bone Saw

Golden Bull J210 Golden Bull Bone Saw

RM 1,999.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 2,070.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 5,350.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 2,250.00View DetailsAdd to Cart

Golden Bull SY-04 Medicine Blender 200gram

Golden Bull SY-116 Medicine Blender 200gram

RM 350.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 280.00View DetailsAdd to Cart  

Golden Bull B-20 Universal Mixer 20litre

RM 1,498.00View DetailsAdd to Cart   

Okazawa GVL11T Industrial Gas Oven 1Layer 1Tray

Golden Bull YXY-20FX Upper Gas Oven & Lower Fermenting Box

Golden Bull FX-12B Fermenting Box

RM 1,495.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 2,950.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 1,480.00View DetailsAdd to Cart 

Okazawa JD-5 Food Display Showcase

RM 530.00View DetailsAdd to Cart   

Okazawa JDD-7 Sausage Roller Machine

Golden Bull CF29 Commercial Chocolate Fountain

Golden Bull XG-01 Cone Baker (Single)

Golden Bull RG-7 Roller Drill

RM 580.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 5,390.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 415.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 550.00View DetailsAdd to Cart

Golden Bull DJ-35 Soya Bean Milk & Bean Curd ( Electric )

Golden Bull DJ-10B Slight Pressure Soya Bean Milk Maker (Gas)

Golden Bull FDM-Z100 Soya Bean Grinder

Golden Bull FBM-100 Soya Bean Grinder

RM 5,560.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 3,850.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 750.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 630.00View DetailsAdd to Cart

Golden Bull TT150 Electric Conveyor Toaster

RM 1,200.00View DetailsAdd to Cart   

Golden Bull WYD-450 Food Display Steamer

Golden Bull WYD-823 Fast Food Equipment - Food Display Warmer

Golden Bull WYD-826 Rotating Food Display Warmer

RM 1,795.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 1,410.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 1,555.00View DetailsAdd to Cart 

Okazawa WB20M Water Boiler 20litre


RM 320.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 385.00View DetailsAdd to Cart  

Okazawa BF5 Burger Forming Machine 130mm

Okazawa GVL36T Industrial Gas Oven 3Layer 6Tray

Okazawa GVL24T Industrial Gas Oven

Okazawa GVL12T Industrial Gas Oven 1Layer 2Tray

RM 700.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 6,500.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 4,290.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 2,150.00View DetailsAdd to Cart

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