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+603-6735 8283

Hand Tool

KING TOYO KT7007/ KT-7007 11" Tyre Lever

KING TOYO KT6187/ KT-6187 2PCS Brake Spoons Set

KING TOYO KT6109B/ KT-6109B 8" Vacuum Cup Valve Grinder

KING TOYO KT1730/ KT-1730 5PCS Hock & Pick

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SATA 13913 1/2" DR ADAPTER 1/2"F X 3/8"M

SATA 12914 Dr Adapter 3/8"F X 1/2"M

SATA 13950 1/2inch Drive Adapters

Toptul KACP3248 Impact Adapter Pin Hole Type DIN3121 CR-MO Black Phosphate Finished

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BOSCH 1605703099 Flange for Angle Grinder

BOSCH 1603340040 Professional Locking Round Nut For Angle Grinder

BOSSMAN BB102006 Cylinder with end cut - Double Cut (B) TCT Carbide Burrs 10mm

BOSSMAN BA031303/ 061203/ 082006/ 1002006/ 122506/ 162506 TCT Carbide Burrs (3-16MM)

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SATA 93405 HACKSAW 12''


BOSSMAN BCS24 24" Professional Concrete Saw

KENDO 30564 Hacksaw Frame 300mm

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BOSSMAN BFS-180 7'' / 180MM Folding Saw

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KENDO 45605 Hand Riveter 11 "/262.5mm

KENDO 45602 250mm Hand Riveter

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Arrow A30100 7pcs Fold Hex Key Wrench Set

KING TOYO KT-006 Hex Trox Extra-Long Key Set 9Pcs (mm)

Contents : T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45, T50

KING TOYO KT-005 Hex Ball Extra-Long Key Set 9Pcs (mm)

Contents: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
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SATA 03109 / 03110 1PCS 70MM Electricians Blade (Straight / Billhook)

MILWAUKEE 48-22-1535 FASTBACK™ Camo Spring Assisted Folding Tool

MILWAUKEE 48-22-1520 FASTBACK™ 3" Stainless Steel Smooth Folding Utility Tool w/ Blade Storage

MILWAUKEE 48-22-1502X FASTBACK™ 3 Folding Utility Tool w/ Blade Storage

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Sata 92712 Low Vibration Claw Hamer (Crane type) 0.8LB With Karcher K2.050 High Pressure Washer

SATA 62501 Detection Screwdriver 145MM With Karcher K2.050 High Pressure Washer

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YATO YT-2160 / YT2160 1PCS 200MM Self-locking Multi Grip Pliers (Type W)

YATO YT-2031 / YT2031 1PCS 160MM Wire Stripping Pliers

YATO YT-2085 / YT2085 1PCS 115MM Flat Nose Pliers

YATO YT-2037 / YT2037 1PCS 180MM 7" Diagonal Side Cutting Pliers

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BOSSMAN BPS-350 / BPS350 14"/350MM Pruning Saw

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YATO YT-1545 / YT-1547 / YT-1548 / YT-1549 1PCS 9-13 X 125MM Socket Wrench With Handle

KING TOYO FW008/ FW-008 8" 8MM - 17MM Fast Wrench (Chrome Molybdenum Steel)

CHUAN JIING JWTA-0015 Nylon Drum Wrench

SUMO KING SKC63216EA 16pcs Professional Hand Tools Combination Wrench Set

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BOSSMAN BRA-01 Rivet Adaptor with 2 pcs Wrench

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BOSCH 2608661647 (ATZ52SFC / ATZ 52 SFC) HCS Multi Cutter Scraper Starlock For Multi Material (52 x

BOSCH 2608661646 (ATZ52SC / ATZ 52 SC) HCS Multi Cutter Scraper Starlock For Multi Material (52 x 26

WellForce 05862 Chisel Scraper with Hammer End 75mm

KENDO 45101 / 102/ 103 / 104 / 106 / 107 30MM-100MM Scraper

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YATO YT-2577 7PCS Precision Screw Set

YATO YT-2576 6PCS Precision Screwdriver Set (T5-T10)


BOSCH 1609200265 33.2CM Screwdriver For GST 60/ 80 PBE

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10PCS 1/2" External Torx Socket Set

KING TOYO KT-4098K / KT4098K 98PCS 1/2" & 1/4" High Performance Dr Socket Bit Set

KING TOYO KT-4023L 23PCS 1/2" SQ.Drive Metric Hand Socket Wrench Set 12.7MM (6PT)

KING TOYO KT-44023S 23PCS 1/2" SQ.Drive Metric Impact Socket Wrench Set 12.7MM (6PT)

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Germany Hunter Yellow Rubber Hammer Wood Handle Plastic Mallet Hammer 26cmx7cm

ARROW 2009 All Steel Claw Hammer 16oz

KENDO 25104 Claw Hammer 16oz / 450g Fibre Glass Shaft

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KENDO 26588 / 589 / 590 450MM-750MM Wrecking Bar

MILWAUKEE 48-22-9215 4 PC Hook and Pick Set

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12" Ball Joint Separator

ARROW A26600 Soldering Iron 60W

TOPTUL GPAQ0502 5pcs Flare Nut Wrench Set Pouch Bag ( Black )

TOPTUL GPAP0602 6pcs Flat Type Extra-Long Double Ring Wrench Set

RM 60.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 15.80View DetailsAdd to CartRM 134.00Out of StockView DetailsRM 259.00Out of StockView Details

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