At Sui U Machinery & Tools, we have many years of experience in supplying high quality machineries and tools.

Our premise is based in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. We offer you the ultimate solutions that will fullfill all your requirements. As a machinery specialist, we will provide professional advice to our customer. If you require further help, please contact us.


Air Hose 20m with Coupler

FATMANZ 12" Electric Portable Chain Saw Kit

Bosun B09-F6 PILING 230 9" Spin Pile Blade

Bosun B09-F5 PILING 230 9" Spin Pile Blade

RM 80.00Add to CartRM 100.00Add to CartRM 185.00Add to CartRM 175.00Add to Cart

OGAWA VX7318 Petrol Chain Saw 18"

5litre Manuel Knapsack Sprayer

GIANT GT-160T Power Sprayer c/w Engine & Hose

OGAWA OG6820 Petrol Chain Saw 20"

RM 600.00Add to CartRM 55.00Add to CartRM 1,500.00Add to CartRM 470.00Add to Cart

Puma WE125 Oil Less Air Compressor

Benma LB50F Air Compressor 50litre 3hp

Benma LB24F Air Compressor 24litre 2.5hp

EUROX EAX3030 Air Compressor 3HP 30litre

RM 825.00Add to CartRM 430.00Add to CartRM 350.00Add to CartRM 320.00Add to Cart


KUANI KI-1490 1/2"DR. Super Duty Air Impact Wrench

DAEWOO 5pcs Pneumatic Air Tool Kit Set

Kuani KI-6206K Heavy Duty Air Die Grinder Set 1/4"

RM 135.00Add to CartRM 550.00Add to CartRM 120.00Add to CartRM 140.00Add to Cart

EUROX EPSH2200 Airless Paint Sprayer 1500w 230bar

EUROX EPSH3900 Airless Paint Sprayer 1100W 230bar

EUROX EPSH8900 Airless Paint Sprayer 4875w 230bar

EUROX EPSH1425 Airless Paint Sprayer 575w 210bar

RM 3,000.00Add to CartRM 2,500.00Add to CartRM 11,000.00Add to CartRM 1,400.00Add to Cart

TOPTUL JJAT0605E Cordless Led Flexible Inspection Lamp

KODAK LED Headlamp 300 Lumens

KODAK Bicycle Lights 2 PACKS

Kodak LED Push Light 2 Pack

RM 229.00Add to CartRM 42.90Add to CartRM 26.90Add to CartRM 18.90Add to Cart

OGAWA OVC30L Multi-Purpose Vaccum Cleaner 1600w

JETMASTER JMB106-90 Floor Blower 650w

JETMASTER JMV210-70 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 70litre 2000w

JETMASTER JMV110-30 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 30litre 1000w

RM 259.00Add to CartRM 490.00Add to CartRM 1,289.00Add to CartRM 450.00Add to Cart

HISAKI H2002 ARC Welding Machine

HISAKI YPH300 Portable Lifting Hoist with Robin EY20 Engine

HISAKI YP80 Plate Compactor with 5hp engine

HISAKI Concrete Mixer with 5hp Gasoline Engine

RM 380.00Add to CartRM 2,050.00Add to CartRM 1,250.00Add to CartRM 1,250.00Add to Cart

EUROX ACF4000 Air Cooler 4000m

Laguna ACH4000 Air Cooler 120w

Industrial Exhaust Fan 12" (300mm) 100w

12" Flexible Duct Hose

RM 560.00Add to CartRM 500.00Add to CartRM 160.00Add to CartRM 110.00Add to Cart

Orimas Ice Crursher Machine 300w

Golden Bull WYD-450 Food Display Steamer

Golden Bull WYD-823 Fast Food Equipment - Food Display Warmer

Golden Bull WYD-826 Rotating Food Display Warmer

RM 180.00Add to CartRM 1,795.00Add to CartRM 1,410.00Add to CartRM 1,555.00Add to Cart

Benma EC2500CX Gasoline Generator 2kva

Benma EC3800CX Gasoline Generator 2.8kw

Benma LT-1200A Gasoline Generator 1000w

Okazawa OK1200DCPetrol Generator 650w

RM 739.00Add to CartRM 800.00Add to CartRM 570.00Add to CartRM 280.00Add to Cart


TOPTUL GCAJ0012 W/7 Drawer Tool Trolley 5 Drawer Tools 227pcs

TOPTUL GE-20815 W/6 Drawer Mobile Tool Trolley 5 Drawer Tools 208Pcs

TOPTUL GCAI150R 1/4" & 1/2" DR. Tool Kit 150Pcs

RM 250.00Add to CartRM 6,125.00Add to CartRM 4,500.00Add to CartRM 1,100.00Add to Cart

JETMASTER JM6.101V High Pressure Cleaner 100bar

JETMASTER JM7.130V High Pressure Cleaner 140bar

JETMASTER BRAVO1013K High Pressure Washer 130bar

JETMASTER JM VIP8.130 High Pressure Cleaner 130bar

RM 359.00Add to CartRM 599.00Add to CartRM 2,600.00Add to CartRM 1,420.00Add to Cart

16Ton Hydraulic Pipe Bender

12Ton Hydraulic Pipe Bender

RM 790.00Add to CartRM 750.00Add to Cart  

TOPTUL DTA-200N Dgital Torque Adapter

Bossman Manuel Capiler 150mm

Bossman Digital Caliper 150mm 6"

Bossman BSW-40 Laser Distance Meter 40m

RM 210.00Add to CartRM 25.00Add to CartRM 70.00Add to CartRM 200.00Add to Cart

Romeo RBG2088 Bench Polisher 750w

Romeo Multipurpose Bench Grinder 3" with Flex Shaft

EUROX 13mm Drill Press 375w EMDB1300

EUROX 16mm Drill Press 750w EMDB1600

RM 450.00Add to CartRM 220.00Add to CartRM 280.00Add to CartRM 580.00Add to Cart



HISAKI PT2232 Heavy-Duty 1/2' Impact Wrench

Eurox Impact Drill 600w 13mm with 105pcs Accessories

RM 440.00Add to CartRM 875.00Add to CartRM 199.00Add to CartRM 139.00Add to Cart

Yale Y121/40/125/1 Classic Series Brass Shrouded Padlock with Steel Shackle 40mm

Yale Y120/50/127/2 Satin Chrome Boron Shackle Padlock 50mm (2pcs)

Yale Y120/40/125 Silver Series Outdoor Brass/Satin Padlock (Boron Shackle) 40mm

Yale Y110J Traveller's Padlock

RM 56.90Add to CartRM 120.00Add to CartRM 55.90Add to CartRM 40.00Add to Cart

SEMPROX STC6001 Tile Cutter 600mm

Bossman B2600 Professional Manuel Tile Cutter 600mm

BOSSMAN B1600A Manuel Tile Cutter 600mm (Aluminium Base)

BOSSMAN B1600S Manuel Tile Cutter 600mm

RM 250.00Add to CartRM 220.00Add to CartRM 180.00Add to CartRM 175.00Add to Cart

VITAL VR02-10 Lever Block 1.0ton 1.5m

VITAL VP5-05 Chain Block 0.5ton 2.5m

Ezylift HPT50 3ton Pallet Truck

Ezylift HPT30 3ton Pallet Truck

RM 680.00Add to CartRM 480.00Add to CartRM 2,350.00Add to CartRM 800.00Add to Cart

GREENTEC SK4015M-AN Submersible Pump

TADO YFM-5A Centrifugal Water Pump 1.5kw with Auto Switch

TADO YCB-160 Self Priming Multistage Centrifugal Pump 1.5kw with Auto Switch

TADO YQB-60 Electric Water Pump 0.37kw

RM 227.00Add to CartRM 650.00Add to CartRM 680.00Add to CartRM 160.00Add to Cart

SUPERZ MMA1600 Inverter Welding Machine

EUROX EWC1600 Welding Machine

DAEWOO DW200MMA Welding Machine

Eurox EWT2002 TIG/MMA Welding Machine

RM 299.00Add to CartRM 350.00Add to CartRM 500.00Add to CartRM 900.00Add to Cart


HOMAI HM1028 10" Dual Slide/Belt Compound Mitre Saw

HOMAI HM105A 10" Industrial Belt Driven Miter Saw

Fatmanz PM2101 Mitre Saw 8" 1200w

RM 380.00Add to CartRM 899.00Add to CartRM 519.00Add to CartRM 370.00Add to Cart

Mighty 50Ton Air Bottle Jack

6 Ton Jack Stand

3ton Jack Stand

Ezylif 2ton Hydraulic Engine Crane 90kg

RM 1,050.00Add to CartRM 100.00Add to CartRM 60.00Add to CartRM 780.00Add to Cart

EUROX ESG1250E Sugarcane C/W 7.5hp EuroX Gasoline Engine

Yale Y120/60/135 Silver Series Outdoor Brass/Satin Padlock (Boron Shackle) 60mm

Yale Y120/50/127 Silver Series Outdoor Brass/Satin Padlock (Boron Shackle) 50mm

Yale YE3/25/112/1 PVC Wrapped Aluminium Body Padlock 25mm

RM 1,510.00Add to CartRM 85.00Add to CartRM 70.00Add to CartRM 19.90Add to Cart
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